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My Services

The Custom Fit

A tailor made experience


My most popular service is a solution suited uniquely to your needs. After a complimentary 30 minute consultation I will propose a wardrobe solution geared exclusively to your lifestyle and budget.

For example, some of us do not have the time or desire to shop for ourselves, in this case, I offer personal shopping services directly at your home. I also shop for one time events (dinner, holiday, anniversary, promotion, move abroad …)​ and unique gifts.

Please contact me directly to book your initial consultation



Closet Cleanse

Refresh your closet

  • Closet review: together we go through your current  wardrobe. We’ll pinpoint the key pieces and why other items are left to languish in the racks in the back. 

  • Stay or go: which items are keepers and which items are closet space stealers. 

  • Mix it up: how to change up your outfit by shopping in your own closet. 



Compliment your Wardrobe

A personalised shopping experience


  • We start with the Closet Cleanse described above

  • What to buy: once we’ve reviewed your current wardrobe we’ll decide on which items will best compliment your current closet

  • Let’s shop: After the closet cleanse chose a new date to shop together.  We will visit a predetermined selection of stores to find the items that you prefer and complete your wardrobe.

  • Package includes initial consultation and closet cleanse, J.Roux pre-shopping preparation, and a shopping trip together in Basel.

Fashion Fixer

Match making at it's best


  • When you just have that one special item in mind and would love for someone to find it 

  • I assist stores and individuals in discovering specialised fashion related articles that suit their specific needs

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