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Fugee la la

So I’m having serous flashbacks to high school right now as I’m preparing to head off to a Lauryn Hill concert. This song is on repeat in my head and I wonder if she’ll play any of her music from the Fugees.

The other burning question is of course, what to wear. Its my first time at the Baloise session in Basel and it’s not quite clear to me if I’ll be sitting or standing. In general I prefer a sneaker with a thick sole or boot with a small heel during concerts. I have a fear of the ickiness of concert hall floors so I also wear shoes that have already been well loved. This (some may call it irrational) fear stems from me accidentally trashing a new pair of platforms during my sophomore year in college at such a venue. Said shoes never recovered from the incident and frankly not have I. My idea so far is an all navy look. Black doesn’t quite suits me as well as it used to so I’m taking this other neutral out for a run. The striped pant look is quite popular for the moment and keeps these otherwise basic pants from falling into the dull category. Added bonus, they make a great butt, which let’s be honest is not just a little bonus but a great perk 😅

Add a tank top so I can dance and a sweater to keep away the chill fall air and voila. Good to go.

Now I need to update this post with a Lauryn Hill inspired outfit!

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