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She's got the Spirit 🐺

It's no coincidence that I happened upon this brand during Halloween you'll want to howl at their jewellery like a werewolf in the moonlight. 🌕🐺🌕🐺🌕🐺🌕🐺

Alexandra Elsener the founder of the Alexa K choose the symbolism of the wolf to launch her debut collection. To quote their website “The brand is about discovering your own spiritual animal and wearing this talisman close to your heart,” Elsener said. “For me, I have always felt a bond with wolves and believe they embody the divine feminine spirit. I want these beautiful pieces to trigger meaningful conversations between women.”

So let me count the ways this new brand is hitting all my favorite marks at once...

1. Support your host country

For every purchase made 2 chf will be donated to the Swiss Wolf Conservation Project. Wolves are an endangered species, key to maintaining the ecological balance of the forest and woods of Switzerland. As an expat living in Switzerland I'm so grateful for the beautiful nature that surrounds us and that we enjoy on a daily basis. It's such a treat to combine two wonderful aspects of my life, great fashion and ethical choices.

2. Women supporting Women

Starting up your own business is daunting at any age or any time in your life but looking at last year's numbers regarding women venture capitalist who received only 2.2% of funds vs male run companies who obtained almost 69% it feels even more important to support ladies following their dream (

3. Stay Healthy

We've all had friends or family touched by this illness which is why I feel strongly about breast cancer awareness. Alexa K has pledged 20% of the sale of this bracelet to support this cause!

4. She's got the Spirit

The wolf is considered a symbol of commitment and love to family. What this animal represents feels ever so appropriate since November 1st, is the day we remember those who've passed on.


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