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Swiss + Loungewear = Cozy

Good morning, it's good to be back. After 5 days of squeaking and I don't mean that literally I actually couldn't utter more than a squeak for the better part of the last few days it's lovely to be able to function again. There's nothing like the first cold of the season to knock you off your feet. So what is one to do when one is stuck at home navigating the tricky territory of couch versus bed ... why research lovely Swiss pajamas. Because after the first 2 days at home I must admit I was a bit bored with my current cozy wear and became curious as to what my lovely host country had to offer. The timing couldn't be more perfect as we've just switched to day light savings and will be spending most of the next few months in search of comfort in these dark winter nights.

So in Basel my first suggestion would be to visit the Zimmerli store, as mentioned I'm sick in bed so recommendations today will be solely be based on website searches. Interestingly, Zimmerli has a section called 'home dress' it consisted of exactly 1 dress, not my first choice for cozy wear as I prefer pants and top so I kept looking and came across this ... At first glance I was worried that the top would feet a bit too pretty for loungewear and the bottom makes me feel as if I'm wearing long johns to go skiing. So the search continues.

I then happened upon a Swiss/Swedish company, as a dual citizen myself I thought it I'd give them a go. I love the pockets in the first image but less of a fan of the tight ankle look. Added bonus, there less than have the price of Zimmerli. However, Zimmerli's do have that lovely silk sensation, Dagsmejan is all about natural cotton fibers and wool. So I guess this one comes down to which fabric you prefer. For more go to

This last company can be found in over 15 locations in and around Basel on top of being easy to order online. There was a bit more of a variety of color versus the first two and a myriad of lounge wear with pockets which happens to be a must have in my book. Below 2 cozy looks to help us enjoy an extra hour of sleep after daylight savings. Plus to locate them near you in Basel visit

In conclusion on top of their comfort factor these Swiss companies all seem to have two major points in common

1. A tendency to go for soft colors and pastels

2. Quality Quality Quality: it's stereotypically Swiss but it's true, the Swiss know how to make items that last!

So happy lounging!

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