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A Cool Cacaphony of Color

First of all, I love the word, cacophony ... it's not one I get to use often but boy does it sound cool, plus I'm a sucker for alliteration. So now that I've mentioned that I'm having flashbacks to vocabulary lists that I needed to memorise in grammar school. The only way I could remember them was by memorising a full sentence, it's funny how I remember getting scolded by my 4th grade teacher because I would memorise the sentence in our text book and reuse it on my spelling tests. She told me I was cheating and that wasn't allowed, I argued that we clearly had creative differences. In other words, being told what to do has never sat well with me :-)

I suppose that's part of the reason I enjoy dressing up. Depending on my mood I'll go for a laid back masculine vibe, or a pretty in pink, or rocker chic. No rules, just how I feel. The combining of patterns is a new one for me as I grew up surrounded by Laura Ashley prints that have left me with an eversion to florals. (In the next few weeks I will attempt to rectify this issue ... lets see how it goes). In the meantime, here's today's take on mixing and matching: stripes and leopard print. The jeans act as a neutral and the yellow sweater is close enough in tone to the leopard shoes to pull it all together. What's hard to make out on the photo is that the sweater is a knit that is somewhat transparent allowing for the stripes to peak through. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

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