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Styling the Staycation

So for some reason we decided it would be great to plan a staycation. Don't ask now what the reason was as I have conveniently discarded that portion of my memory in lieu of the fashion choices I have made over the past 2 weeks. Hopefully, they will also explain why I've posted less and why there are more scenic views that actually outfit shots.

Obviously, you can chose a more glamorous look for your staycation but me, I'm happy to sit around in my worn in to the point of fitting me like second skin AG jeans and sports bras.

So outfit one: consists of what to wear when failing at a boomerang. This image was supposed to show me pretending to swing my youngest into the lake, both of us were cracking up while doing this. Neither one of us expected his favorite hat to fly off his head in the process. If boomerang videos were any longer you would see me unceremoniously dropping said child and sprinting towards the lake to avoid the hat disappearing into the depths of the water. Ahhhhh .... motherhood at it's finest.

If you're interested in some cozy hiking clothes here are my shopping recommendations in the Basel area or online

- Decathlon recently opened in Driespitz they really have a good basic general selection at a fair price point

- I'm also a big fan of Patagonia as I appreciate their 1% campaign, for those interested check out this page on their website where they explain how 1% of their sales go to preserving the planet

- Lululemon: yup not your traditional hiking gear but honestly I love stretchy pants with pockets for my cell phone and have yet to find a more comfortable fit the Speed up Tight. Furthermore, their no sweat tops are great when walking from cool shady trees to soaked in sun meadows. The blue t-shirt I'm wearing in the 'blooper' is one of theirs. They have a store in Zurich and also make ordering online simple.

- Jack Wolfskin: For those in need of a quick easy fix in the city centre just jump off at theatre tram stop and head over. They also make cargo pants for walking which in my opinion are much more practical as attempting to hike with a phone in a normal type pocket is not a particularly pleasant experience. Bonus points if you visit the toy museum also. Full disclosure, I wanted to post a cute video of the bears driving in their cool outfits but it appears said video has been deleted from my phone ... blame it on the staycation ...

- Sport Lager: This happens to be one of my favorite discount sports stores. I've found incredible deals even outside of the sale season. It's located in Pratteln and is basically a giant warehouse cover in sports clothes. Next door to the Ikea so you can combine your love of sports gear with the joy of Swedish waffles!

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