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Shimmy Shimmy

So it’s that time of year again. When you can wear all the glitter and sparkle without anyone even batting a long mascara-ed eyelash I for one am a big fan of all the glitters and glows. As I type this I’m wearing a sweater with gold sparkly yarn on the cuffs. I spent some time in London recently going to the hight street and had such a blast trying on fun numbers at Zara and Mango. The above photo is proof of that :-)

Back in Basel I went to the Wicky Concept store to shop for holiday looks for some clients. We came away with a soft silky gold tank and a gorgeous shoulder cut out top that work any time of year. Me being me, once the work was done, I just couldn’t resist trying on one of the new festive looks by Ulla Johnson. This soft velvet number made me feel like present, bow and all.

So happy holidays everyone!

Below some glittery fun festive finds

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