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Layers and Rainbow Brite

That moment when you'd love to continue wearing your summer dress but it just doesn't feel season appropriate anymore is one of the more challenging fashion moments for me. Growing up, the rule of no white past Labor Day was etched into my brain. To this day, I still feel funny wearing white pants, dress or blazer past the first of September.

So, my solution to this fashion conundrum ... layers, and lots of them.

Temperatures here in Basel easily vary over 15 degrees Celsius from the time you wake up until the moment the sun goes down.

Here an example of how I make my resistance to letting go of summer dresses work as the temperatures cool down. The top is technically a beach tunic, worn under a blazer who's fabric is not too heavy making it the perfect weight for this in between season period. I've added my favorite jeans to ensure that my legs don't freeze when I'm doing the early morning school run. Plus comfy sneakers because running after a toddler in anything over this height is not a balancing act I'm attempting.

The above color palette is quite gentle, a soft mauve blazer and silk tunic are comfortable and cool. Below a slightly more vibrant version of the between season layering.

When the weather is grey in dreary I immediately want to dress the opposite and bring out my inner Rainbow Brite. The photo was taken in Polariod mode which made for a great shot but the colors are so much more vibrant in real life. Wishing everyone a wonderful and bright start to fall!

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